Two Years of Blitz! x5 XP Bonus and Discounts

It's hard to believe that World of Tanks Blitz is already celebrating its two-year anniversary, but we're not slowing down! We've got lots of great features and vehicles in the pipeline, but for now it's about  our players and the support you've shown us!

As a token of our apprecation, we're rolling out big XP bonuses, discounts on both regular and Premium vehicles, and a special mission that pays out Gold and Premium time.

Begins June 24, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET
Ends June 27, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET

x5XP First Win Bonus

Regular Vehicles, Tiers VIII - X 15% Credit Discount
Premium Vehicles, Tiers II - V 50% Gold Discount
Premium Vehicles, Tiers VI - VII 30% Gold Discount
Premium Vehicles, Tier VIII 15% Gold Discount

Begins June 25, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET
Ends June 27, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET

Anniversary Mission

Play one battle.

Reward: 500, 1 Day of Premium

  • Available once per account

Sheriff Event

Between June 24 and 26, keep your eyes out for players with the [WGA-E] Clan tag. Destroy them and you'll receive 750 credited to your account within 72 hours. This a player-created event that we're helping to sponsor, some of the participating players will be streaming as they play, so click the linked names below to visit their channels!

More event info

Note: You can only win once. Destroying two or more participating players will still only earn you 750.

Participating Players: 
Concep, RaptorJet09, Ksftwe, habs71, Chaos_AscendingAnon____, Armzilla49. Okaviator, R0CKET, xJuJu, ItsMrStealYourKill, Tanner10_sniper