Premium Shop Bundles: Panther M10 and T34


Two powerhouse Premium vehicles are holding down the Blitz Premium Shop: the T34 and the Panther/M10. The T34 is an American tier VIII heavy tank meant to storm the battlefield with one purpose: hunt and destroy everything it can find. The Panther/M10 is a German tier VII medium tank born to tangle with the opposition. Pick them both up and expand your Garage before they're gone!

Offer Begins: Friday, August 15, 04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT
Offer Ends: Friday, August 29, 04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT

Premium Tank Bundles!



Panther M10 Bundle - $17.99

+Garage slot



T34 Bundle - $24.99

 +Garage Slot