Parade Through in the Cromwell B

Made famous for liberating Europe after D-Day, the Cromwell B sports a complete package of great playability and "Legendary" camouflage. It's a tier VI medium tank that hustles like a light tank yet has the muscle to put serious hurt on the enemy. A quick look at the tank reveals its biggest shortcoming: non-sloped armor, meaning you'll have trouble bouncing shots, but in the right hands, the maneuverability and firepower can make up for it.

The Legendary "Berlin" camouflage available for the Cromwell B celebrates its victories in Europe and adds a +3% concealment.

The "Legendary Camo: 'Berlin'" bundle does not include the Cromwell B, only its "Berlin" Legendary camouflage and 50,000.

Note: Due to a balancing error, the current profitability of the Cromwell B is incorrect. It will be increased during a server reset on July 19.

Begins July 15, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
Ends July 29, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET

Cromwell B Premium Bundle - $16.99

Cromwell B

Garage Slot

Legendary Camouflage Unlock: "Berlin"

500 FREE

50,000 FREE

Cromwell B - $11.99

Cromwell B

Garage Slot


Legendary Camo: 'Berlin"  - $6.99

Legendary Camouflage Unlock: "Berlin"

50,000 FREE