Happy Valentine's Day

This is the weekend of romance and here at World of Tanks, we're set to share our love with all of you! Looking for a tank that can bounce anything from enemy shells to cupid's arrow? You've found it with the Valentine II, a tier IV Premium light tank that has a track record of sending the enemy home heartbroken.

And if you find yourself a bit worn down after a tough battle, treat yourself to a box of happiness to get right back in the festive spirit! Happy Valentine's Day tankers.

Start Time: Friday, February 13, 03:00 PST / 06:00 EST
End Time: Monday, February 16, 03:00 PST / 06:00 EST

Premium Bundles with Love!


My Sweet Valentine! - $9.99

Valentine II

Garage Slot

30 Days of Premium


Box of Happiness - $24.99



Bonus: 500