"Night Hunt" Gold Bundles

The dual-track "Night Hunt" event is underway. Two fantastic Premium tanks lie at the end of each special mission series: the T6 Dracula and H0 Helsing. If you're looking for a leg up during the event or just want to skip to the end, we're offering two discounted bundles of Gold and Premium time to let you settle this ancient feud!

The "Monsters and Hunters Pack" includes enough Gold to skip the missions for both tanks and immediately add them to your Garage. The "Into the Dark Night Pack" offers enough Gold to skip all of the missions for just one of the tanks.

Begins October 14, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
Ends November 7, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET

Monsters and Hunters Pack - $79.99


3,600 FREE

7 Days of Premium Time FREE

Into the Dark Night Pack - $44.99


1,200 FREE

3 Days of Premium Time FREE

Looking for even more Gold? Hop on over to our forums where we're running a creative art contest that will reward winners with enough Gold to skip a few steps on your way to unlocking the T6 Dracula or H0 Helsing!

Windows 10 Users: These bundles may not show up properly in the Premium Shop if accessed via the Windows 10 version of World of Tanks Blitz. We're working to fix this issue as soon as possible, but if you'd like to purchase the bundles you may do so through a different platform version (iOS, Android, OS X, or Steam). Thank you for your patience.