Solution for Credits Exploit

A recent bug involving training rooms enabled players to receive free Credits; some players obtained billions of Credits via this method. We consider this situation unfair to the players who didn't exploit the bug, but we also have to take responsibility for creating this situation in the first place, so we will not be banning the accounts of players who participated in this exploit. Instead, we will be withdrawing Credits and/or items equivalent to the value obtained by cheating.

Withdrawal Process

1. Credits

Any Credits obtained via cheating will be withdrawn from the player's account.

2. Vehicles

If the amount of Credits in the player's account is less than the amount obtained via cheating, we will withdraw vehicles purchased from June 3 onwards until the full amount is met. Vehicles will be valued at full cost.

3. Consumables

If the player's debt is still not fully repaid after the above, the system will begin to withdraw ammunition, provisions, consumables, and camouflages from all vehicles in the Garage, starting with tier X vehicles, until the amount is met.

4. Equipment

If the debt is still not repaid in full, we will begin to withdraw equipment from all vehicles in the Garage, starting with tier X vehicles.

In the future, please keep in mind that exploiting bugs and vulnerabilities of the game client violates the End User License Agreement and Game Rules and may result in a permanent ban of an account, among other penalties.

July 20 Update:

Credits and property obtained using these Credits were withdrawn on June 16 with scheduled server restart. However, during the withdrawal process, minor technical issues appeared and as a result the algorithm worked incorrectly. This will be corrected shortly. Withdrawn Credits will be returned and will equal the amount you had prior. Once the technical issues are resolved, we'll perform the withdrawal again. We’ll inform you about the dates and time separately.