Tank Academy: Yearbook Awards

Class, we know you've all made an effort to study our Tank Academy Guides, and we want to give some recognition to the top students among you who really showed their work. Get ready to clap, because here they come!

Yearbook Awards

Throughout the month of August we've been combing our records to find the best of the best. The following awards are all based on gameplay between 16:00 (UTC) on August 1 and 16:00 (UTC) on August 31:

  1. Best Team Player - bribtb
    The player who earned the most Platoon medals (Crucial Contribution + Brothers in Arms)
  2. Most Likely to Succeed - Snotdockydoc
    The player who earned the most Epic Medals
  3. Most Competitive - Well_Hung_Jury10
    The player who earned the most Ace Tanker Mastery Badges
  4. Most Destructive - Lastlife92
    The player who destroyed the most enemy tanks
  5. Most Likely to Take Over the World - Danniel820
    The player who has dealt the most damage

Head of the Class

Each week we tracked the win percentage for players in a specific tank type. The 15 players with the highest win percentage after at least 150 battles in the featured tank type that week will be awarded 1,000. Additionally, anyone who played 500 battles and maintained a win rate of 60% or above will also receive 1,000.


Week 1 - Light Tanks

BWK60; FlyingYankee; Edu4rdo63; Scalysnail; MLRSarm; _SCAW_JK; hegemonyrow; Mariejim1996; Ricky_s_Dimples; ; sidewinder319; Craig____; tjmck1; sundevkid1; Well_Hung_Jury10; zbitultra; Mighty_Monkey_7

Week 2 - Medium Tanks

KRIEG_Fanboy1; ItzHawkzzy; lil_m4n; WhatYouLoveMe; Minecraftexpert_25; jasontsheo; uyrok1990; Tark_machine; Ksftwe; Lokeen; Flibbidy_dibbidy; mike82198; General_NK; esekelson_2; _hadrian; HOWL_ITZER; DarkTronics

Week 3 - Tank Destroyers

HauptmannSchmidt; Jacjr76; bribtb; Scalysnail; Catshot89; dresden__; Ron_Burgundy_1; Oregu7; Spirit1143; division_du_lys; DEA_WAR_MACHINE; erroldorado; xXsailentXx; maks20098580; BROM__BONES; Hasoos; ChocolateCherry

Week 4 - Heavy Tanks

2ya; Bokitam1976; spamalot2010; visualone; gogo_gadget_arms; RCC74; SheVooZaXoo; S4wder; Dumah00; JaxAtx; mike82198; Silver81; __dn8__; General_NK; 7VewYork; _W_A_R_B_E_A_S_T_; Ironoleander