British Heavies Coming to Blitz


More booming British tanks are rolling their way into World of Tanks Blitz! In Update 1.6, you'll find a brand new line of terrifying medium and heavy tanks to add to your arsenal, including the Black Prince and the Conqueror!

These beasts show off their guns on the battlefield dealing massive damage per minute at a high rate of fire. Roll the royal Black Prince to the fight, and laugh in the face of your enemies as you watch their shells bounce off your strong frontal armor. And once you reach those top tiers, take the Conqueror for a spin and surprise your enemies with a fast-loading, accurate and powerful gun. 

Royal Medium/Heavy Line

  • Medium II, tier II
  • Medium III, tier III
  • Matilda, tier IV
  • Churchill I, tier V
  • Churchill VII, tier VI
  • Black Prince, tier VII
  • Caernarvon, tier VIII
  • Conqueror, tier IX
  • FV215b, tier X