Update 1.5: British Steel is Live!

Update 1.5, codenamed British Steel, has arrived! As its name suggests, this latest version of Blitz includes a brand new line of British vehicles. This collection of weaponry was forged from Great Britain's fighting spirit and sweat. Climb into the commander's seat of British Steel!

Update 1.5 has even more in store.

The new map Winter Malinovka debuts. This snowy countryside will quickly become home to some of the fiercest combat yet seen in Blitz!

Along with British Steel and Winter Malinovka, a new Crew System is introduced. Make strategic decisions and help your Crew fight harder than ever before. Interested in the full list of changes? You can find the complete patch notes in this forum thread.

You've been patient in your wait for Update 1.5.

Wait no longer. Download British Steel now!