Battle of Milne Bay Weekend


Roughly 72 years ago, the Empire of Japan launched an amphibious assault aimed at Allied airbases by Milne Bay, near southeastern New Guinea. After some fierce fighting, the Japanese eventually withdrew due to heavy casualties and attrition. The Battle of Milne Bay increased morale in Allied servicemen and is considered the first decisive victory against Japanese land forces.

Remembering this turning point in the Pacific, a Credit bonus for mid-tier vehicles and discounts to Crew training is available for the duration of this weekend. Check out the benefits of 100% trained Crews here.

Start Time: Friday, September 5, 04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT
End Time: Monday, September 8, 04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT

Regular Vehicles
15% Credit Increase: tier VI - VII

Crew Training
Discounts on both Gold and Credit training