Battle Training Special

Commander! You received an order from HQ to purchase new vehicles (a discount on slots has arrived just in time), quickly train the crew (take a look at the hidden mission), and dominate the battlefield thanks to a complete set of additional equipment (wow, it is offered with a discount, too!).

From September 29, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET) through October 2, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET):

 A 30% discount for unlocking equipment slots faster.

 A discount on slots in the Garage:

  • 5 slots — 800 instead of 1000
  • 10 slots — 1260 instead of 1800

Training the Crew

A hidden mission will be available during Battle Training Special:

Objective: win a battle and be among your team’s top 3 players by damage dealt.

Reward: x2 Crew XP per battle.

Limitations: you can complete the mission multiple times and only on Tier V-X vehicles.