Blitz Madness Tournament is Coming

Three weeks of intense competition is about to begin in World of Tanks Blitz. We've got our bracket filled out with some serious competitors, and big, big prizes are on the line. Leave your opponents in the dust and become the tank champion. Blitz Madness kicks off this weekend!

What is Blitz Madness?

In week one, eight tier V vehicles begin a toe-to-toe race. The quest: to earn the most total XP across all games played. There will be three rounds to Blitz Madness.


Each weekend period (Thursday-Sunday) is a round.

  • Elite Eight: April 2-5
  • Final Four: April 9-12
  • Championship: April 16-19

The vehicles earning the highest total XP across all battles fought during the round will advance to the next round.

For each tank that advances, the top 100 commanders by base XP in a single battle will win that round's prize!

  • There will be four winning tanks at the end of the Elite Eight. With each tank awarding its top 100 commanders, there will be 400 winners in week 1.
  • There will be two winning tanks at the end of the Final Four. With each tank awarding its top 100 commanders, there will be 200 winners in week 2.
  • One tank will become the overall winner. The top 100 commanders in the winning tank win the grand prize!

Throughout the event, there will be additional bonuses and discounts designed to help you keep competing. Don't get discouraged if your tank gets eliminated. Take command of a new favorite and stay in the fight. This is Blitz Madness!


Championship Grand Prize - 100 Winners

Pz. II J (early access!) +Garage Slot



Elite Eight


Final Four

1,000 + Garage Slot


Pz. II J +Garage Slot