Discounts and Missions for the IS-7

Working your way up the Soviet heavy tank line can be a lot of work, but reaching tier X's IS-7 is worth it! To help get this metal monster into the hands of more players, we're slashing prices on heavy tanks and increasing the amount of Free XP you can convert with Gold.

To sweeten the deal even more, there's big XP bonuses for completing an IS-7 mission and a limited-time IS-7 camouflage skin available for Gold, which will make your tier X acquisition look great, and give it a 2% concealment bonus!

Begins December 12, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
Ends December 18, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET


Discounted Free XP to XP Conversion:  30 Free XP converted for 1

Regular Vehicles: KV-1, KV-1S, KV-13, IS 30% Credit Discount
Regular Vehicles: IS-3, IS-8, IS-7 15% Credit Discount

Mission: Win a Battle in an IS-7

Reward: x5 XP Bonus

  • Use the IS-7
  • Limit twice per day
  • Mission must be completed after using daily x2 XP bonus

Legendary "Battle-Hardened" Camo for IS-7