Community Combat Event: IS-6 Edition

Tank Aces!

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of the amazing Soviet IS-6, Wargaming will be hosting a new theme behind our weekly Community Combat events. This Wednesday and Friday, you'll have a chance to earn the tier VIII IS-6 by achieving victory in the battlefield!

We'll be playing World of Tanks Blitz from 16:00 PST / 19:00 EST to 17:00 PST / 20:00 EST on Wednesday, November 19th and on Friday, November 21st.


  • ID required
  • Tiers VIII vehicles only
  • Each player must have a free Garage Slot in order to be eligible for a chance to win.
  • Each player will only be allowed to win ONCE, after winning the IS-6

How to Participate

Add any of the following WG employees to your friend list for the chance to platoon with them and win Gold!

  • Alo8ight
  • Pyrovore
  • Campagnolo
  • MeatheadMilitia
  • hustleb0nes
  • RibbleRabble
  • Senator_Ratbat
  • DarkstarMack
  • Jaimebot
  • Super_Kit
  • LetsGoAs
  • Hyperbomb

Ways to Win

  • Each player that successfully joins the WG platoon team and achieves victory on the battlefield will have a chance to win an IS-6.
  • Each player from the opposing team that achieves victory over the enemy WG platoon will get a chance to win an IS-6.
  • Each battle is equivalent to one IS-6, and the winner will be randomly selected.
  • As an added bonus, the players that platoon with or destroy the WG employee will win 250.
  • All Gold and IS-6 tanks will be awarded by Tuesday, November 25.

Warning! If you are using a Game Center account, please upgrade your profile to a account by clicking the Options menu in your Garage and going to the Profile tab. You cannot use an email address that is already tied to an existing ID.