Girls und Panzer Returns to Blitz!


Another Chance to Earn a "Girls und Panzer" Tank!

Our first Girls und Panzer event was a huge success, so we decided to do it again! Last time we gave you the chance to earn the tier IV Ankō Special, but this time you'll be working your way towards adding the Kuro Mori Mine to your Garage!

Earning this new tier VI Japanese heavy tank is straightforward: Earn tokens with XP earned in battle and then spend those tokens complete the eight mission stages. Once you've completed each mission stage, you'll receive the Kuro Mori Mine.

Wait, so what's "Girls und Panzer?"

Girls und Panzer Battle Mission

Begins April 14 17:00 PT / 20:00 ET
Ends April 24 17:00 PT / 20:00 ET

Condition: Complete eight mission stages using tokens or Gold

Reward: Kuro Mori Mine +100% Crew + 1 Garage Slot

Note: The mission stage screen has lead to some confusion, but please note that the Kuro Mori Mine is a tier VI tank, not a tier VIII.

Event Details

  • One token is earned for each XP earned in battle, including Premium bonus (+50%). XP bonuses for first win or completed missions are not included.
  • Each of the eight mission stages requires 15,000 tokens to complete, or can be completed with Gold.
  • If a mission stage is completed, either using tokens or skipping with Gold, the next stage will not be available until missions and x2 bonuses reset (twice daily).
  • Not all stages must be completed in the same way; you can complete some with XP and some with Gold if you wish.
  • After the event ends, you'll have two days to finish any incomplete mission stages with Gold.
  • Unlike prior events, there will be no compensation if the tank is not unlocked by the end of the event.

Looking to earn extra tokens? Completed missions can earn you bonus tokens in addition to what you'll earn with XP. The more difficult the mission, the more tokens you'll receive!

What is "Girls und Panzer?"

In the Japanese animated series Girls und Panzer, life revolves around sensha-do, a high school sport where girls battle it out using WWII-era tanks. The underdogs of the Oarai Girls High School sensha-do team are all inexperienced tankers, save for Miho Nishizumi, who comes from a long line of sensha-do experts. The 12-episode TV series follows the struggles of Nishizumi as she attempts to mold her under-equipped and unexperienced team into serious competitors in time for the national sensha-do championships.

The acclaimed series proved to be extremely popular in Japan when it was released in 2012, resulting in numerous comic spinoffs, novels, and a feature film.