Weekend Action: Discounts and Mission!

Get in on the action this weekend with our discounts and a special mission! Two German medium tanks, the Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) and T-25 are on sale, offering you the perfect excuse to jump into some mid-tier mayhem! Weekend-long discounts on Crew training means it's the perfect time to send your Crew back to school and beef up their skills! To round things out, there's a repeatable mission available to earn yourself up to 30,000 Credits per day!


Starts Friday, December 18, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
Ends Monday, December 21, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET


Crew Training

Train to 75% 20% Credit Discount
Train to 100%  50% Gold Discount



Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) 1,200  600 50% Discount
T-25 2,100 1,050 50% Discount


Win a battle while dealing at least 400 damage.

Reward: 10,000

  • Limit three times per day
  • Tiers IV - X only

Not sure if you're receiving the extra Credits? Click the 'Credits' tab on the Battle Results screen and look for the line listed as 'Reward for mission completed'