Tank Academy: Back to School

We hope you’ve had a great summer of tanking, because we’re starting off the year with some important information!

For a whole month, we’re going to get you up close and personal with basic tactics for medium tanks, light tanks, tank destroyers, and heavies; showing you how to fight your best, survive, and earn lots of Credits and XP in a battle. These special features will highlight the best ways to play through a quiz format, as well as offer tips on how best to fight against each of the tank classes we’ll teach you about!

Pay close attention as the Tank Academy: Pop Quiz guides help you make the grade, and don't forget to squeeze in some extra study with the Recess Rumble features!

Tank Academy: Class Schedule

August 3: Pop Quiz -- Light Tanks
August 7: Recess Rumble -- Fighting Light Tanks

August 10: Pop Quiz -- Medium Tanks
August 14: Recess Rumble -- Fighting Medium Tanks

August 17: Pop Quiz -- Tank Destroyers
August 21: Recess Rumble -- Fighting Tank Destroyers

August 24: Pop Quiz -- Heavy Tanks
August 28: Recess Rumble -- Fighting Heavy Tanks