Guide: Crews

Wondering why you should train your Crews? We're giving you the lowdown about how your vehicles benefit on the battlefield from 100% trained Crews.

Implementing a well-trained Crew increases their vehicle's battle effectiveness, and of course, your vehicle cannot enter battle without a Crew. However, you don't have to train your Crew to play with it in a vehicle. You'll have three training levels to choose from when purchasing a new vehicle.

Crews that are trained for free to 50% basic training can still battle effectively; however, it will take them time and experience to achieve 100% mastery. In this regard, there are several potential advantages to getting your Crew mastery to 100%.

  • Increased firing accuracy
  • Increased gun loading speed
  • Improved aiming speed
  • Increased turning speed and mobility
  • Improved view range

You can always choose to get your Crews to 100% mastery by simply playing enough battles with them. However, for a quick head start, you can spend either Credits or Gold to give that specific vehicle of yours a deadly advantage. Don't neglect your Crews; they're battled-hardened and ready to help you win!