Update 2.0: What Are Clans?

What Are Clans?

Simply put, Clans make it easier for players to communicate, compare stats, and play World of Tanks Blitz together. In practical terms, Clans are a group of like-minded players that enjoy playing together— think of it as a softball team for Blitz. Clan members are easily identifiable by their "clan tag," a short abbreviation between two square brackets that comes before their name, [LIKE THIS].

Clans are an established part of online gaming, and the feature makes its way to Blitz in Update 2.0!

How Do I Join a Clan?

Click on the “Clan” button in the Garage screen and, assuming you’re not already in a clan, you’ll be given two options: “Find a Clan” or “Create a Clan.” If you're not in a Clan yet, may also be invited to join one!

If you're interested in creating your own Clan, you'll have to have at least one tier V (or higher) vehicle in your Garage and pay a Credit fee.

How Does a Clan Work?

Clan members are divided into three ranks:

Private - Fresh recruits. Think of these as the "foot soldiers" of a Clan. Most Clan members will be Privates.

Deputy Commander - Second-in-command. They help the Clan Commander with Clan recruitment and dismissal.

Clan Commander - The Clan's head honcho. They're able to name and customize the Clan's information.

Further details on Clans, including how to join or create one, are coming soon! Stay tuned!