Duke it Out in the Legendary Mark I

As the finale of our celebration of 100 Years of Tanks, we're letting you control the world's very first tank -- the British Mark I -- as part of a special battle mode! Fight like it's 1916 on the "Fort Despair" map and help us reach a global Blitz goal of 50,000,000 Mark I battles.

For participating, you get a commemorative in-game medal, and if we reach our goal, you could win three days of Premium time!

Begins September 20, 03:30 PT / 06:30 ET
Ends September 27, 03:30 PT / 06:30 ET

Global Objective: 50,000,000 Mark I Battles

Reward: 3 days of Premium time and an in-game commemorative medal


  • Mark I tanks get their own battle queue and can only Platoon with other Mark Is.
  • To qualify for the medal, you must play at least 10 Mark I battles during the event.
  • To qualify for the Premium time, you must play at least 25 battles during the event, and the goal of 50,000,000 battles must be reached.
  • The Mark I, plus its equipment, consumables and provisions will be removed at the end of the event, but you keep its extra Garage slot.

Mark I Battle Missions

Deal at Least 500 Damage

Reward: 300 XP

  • Repeatable

Destroy 100 Enemy Vehicles

Reward: 100,000

  • Once per account

Play 50 Battles, Deal 700 Damage in Each

Reward: 100,000

  • Once per account

All missions require the use of the Mark I in random battles.