April Blowout Winners Announced

How does your choice of a Premium tank or 5,000 sound? Compete in our April Blowout and you could win one of those great prizes!

We're challenging you to earn as many "Ace Tanker" and "1st Class" mastery badges in April for your chance to win some fantastic prizes. April Blowout is a month-long contest rewarding 50 top players, but if you and your fellow tank commanders can complete certain goals, more winners will be added. Read on for full details!



Goal 1: Total Annihilation 50% Complete COMPLETE!
Goal 2: Total Annihilation 100% Complete COMPLETE!
Goal 3: Girls und Panzer 13,000 Players Online COMPLETE!
Goal 4: Girls und Panzer 17,000 Players Online INCOMPLETE

Final winners list is up and viewable on the forums. Keep an eye on your email inbox because we'll be contacting you May 2 regarding prizes. If you're on the list, please make sure you have a valid Wargaming account and email because that's how we will be contacting you.


  • Winners will receive their choice of a Premium tank (not all tanks will be available) or 5,000
  • In order to win, your account that you use to play Blitz MUST be a Wargaming account with a valid email address (Not sure how to upgrade? Read our guide for upgrading a Game Center account, a Microsoft Live account or a Google Play account)
  • We'll be contacting winners via email, so make sure your address is valid and one that you check regularly!

How To Participate

  • Earn "Ace Tanker" and "1st Class" mastery badges in any vehicle, any tier
  • Depending on the vehicle tier in which they're earned, your "Ace Tanker" and "1st Class" mastery badges will be awarded points values—the higher the vehicle tier, the more points you'll earn
  • Earn at least four "Ace Tanker" badges by the end of the contest to qualify to win

How to Win

  • Players with the highest point values earned from badges (see above) will receive a prize
  • Players with the top 50 scores will win, but by completing additional community goals that number can be increased
    (1 goal = 65 winners; 2 goals = 80 winners; 3 goals = 100 winners; 4 goals = 200 winners)
  • We'll be announcing what these goals are in the near future!

Scoring System

Tank Tier

"Ace Tanker" Point Value

"1st Class" Point Value

1 1 0.5
2 2 1
3 3 1.5
4 4 2
5 5 2.5
6 6 3
7 7 3.5
8 8 4
9 9 4.5
10 10 5

Weekly Rankings

Every week we'll be posting the current rankings for the April Blowout. Because of the difficulty of earning four "Ace Tanker" badges in a week, we'll be adjusting the requirements for appearing on the rankings as time goes on. To place on the week one rankings you must have earned at least one "Ace Tanker" badge, to place on the week two rankings you must have earned at least two "Ace Tanker" badges, and so forth. You must have earned at least four "Ace Tanker" badges by the end of the competition to qualify to win!