Go for Gold in the Blitz Games

You're invited to compete in the inaugural Blitz Games!

The 2016 Blitz Games consists of six different events and special missions to earn unique camo. Each region's progress for an event is tracked by a shared progress bar; the more you and your fellow tankers complete that event, the farther that bar moves and the better your reward!

Begins: August 4, 17:01 PT (20:01 ET)
Ends: August 21, 13:59 PT (16:59 ET)


Medium Taekwondo

Deal N damage in a medium tank.

Heavy Weightlifting

Win N battles in a heavy tank.

Tank Destroyer Archery

Score at least N hits on enemy vehicles while in a tank destroyer.

Tank Out

Destroy N enemies.

Synchronized Shooting

Win N battles as part of a Platoon.

Medal Standings

Earn N achievements or Mastery Badges.

Work with fellow tankers to fill your progress bar to 100% and earn a gold medal in that event. A 33% complete bar earns you a bronze medal, and 66% gets a silver medal.


Prizes are determined by medals earned in each event. To qualify, you must have taken part and completed the event at least once, and played at least 50 battles during the duration of the event.

Bronze Medal: 1 day of Premium account time and a unique "Blitz Games: Bronze" achievement
Silver Medal: 3 days of Premium time and a unique "Blitz Games: Silver" achievement
Gold Medal: 5 days of Premium time and a unique "Blitz Games: Gold" achievement

Earn Sporting Camo!

Pay attention to your "Mission" tab, because special Blitz Games missions will be appearing during the event and offering you the chance to unlock special "Faster, Higher, Stronger" camouflage.

  • "Faster, Higher, Stronger" camo provides a vehicle concealment bonus and is available at all vehicle tiers
  • Camouflage is only unlocked on the vehicle that completes the mission
  • If the camo is already unlocked on the vehicle, or the vehicle used is a special vehicle that can't use the camo, you'll instead receive 20,000
  • Resupplying "Faster, Higher, Stronger" camo costs between 500 and 3,000 depending on tier