Twister Cup Registration

Now that the tournament is underway we're pleased to announce that the winners of the Twister Cup qualifiers will be representing North America at the finals in New York City!

Registration for the Blitz Twister Cup qualifiers opens tomorrow, September 27!

Designed for Clans, this tournament will bring you the thrills of high-level completive play in Blitz. Throughout the tournament, you'll compete in 7v7 battles on a variety of maps for a shot at representing North America in person at a major eSports event!

Participation is limited to 512 teams and registration closes on September 30, or as soon as the team limit is reached -- sign up today!

Three stage qualifiers decide who battles in the playoffs the following weekend. These playoffs will determine the tournament's winner and NA representative at the Challengers Rumble!

Because of travel requirements, all players participating must be of age to travel alone and be either a U.S. resident or able to travel into the United States with a valid passport.

Team Details

  • Limited to 512 teams (plus 12 possible invitational teams)
  • Teams consist of seven players (plus one reserve)
  • All players on a team must be in the same Clan, but there's no limit on how many teams a Clan can enter

Battle Details

  • Tiers I-X
  • 7 minute duration
  • Encounter mode
  • Maps: Mines, Fort Despair, Dead Rail, Desert Sands, Canal, Winter Malinovka, Yamato Harbor

Tournament Details

First Round Robin Stage - 512 teams - Groups of 8 teams

Second Round Robin Stage - Groups of up to 8 teams (depending on Stage #1 results)

Third Round Robin Stage - 28 teams

Single Elimination Stage - 8 teams

This format is subject to change depending on the number of teams that register.

For disputes please send an e-mail to within 30 minutes of the issue.

Detailed schedule and prizing information can be found on the Tournament tab in-game!