Tanks Clash in Blitzbowl 2016!

Two teams, featuring some of the most fearsome tanks in Blitz, are meeting on the battlefield!

Take part in Blitzbowl 2016 and you could win a new Premium tank or Gold and Credits! Both teams feature seven vehicles and each pairing be scored according to a different criteria. The brand-new Type 62 Dragon will be given out to the top three players in each vehicle on the winning team, while other top players in winning team vehicles will receive Premium time.

You'll also be able to win by correctly predicting the winning team and the final score. Doing so will earn you a war chest of Gold and Silver to spend as you see fit!

Blitzbowl 2016 Winners

Prizes will be awarded to players who perform the best in each vehicle of the winning team according to the criteria below.

  • Top 3 players in each vehicle will receive the Type 62 Dragon

  • The next 50 highest-placing players will receive 3 Days of Premium Time

How to Participate

  1. Pick a Team! Green Team or Red Team
  2. Pick a Tank! Select a Tank (or Tanks) that you wish to participate in
  3. Play that Tank! Take a look at the stat tracked for the tank you selected. The goal is to accumulate the most of that stat over the course of the event. You must play at least 50 battles during the event in each Tank you want to qualify in.

Example: If you picked the M4 Sherman - Shoot and move, spot enemies, and keep moving around the map in order to confuse your opponents and give your team an edge while accumulating distance traveled!

Team Rosters


Green Team

Red Team





Running Back

M4 Sherman USA V Pz.Kpfw. IV GER V

Wide Receiver

Jagdpanther GER VII AT-7 UK VII

Tight End



Black Prince UK VII Chi-Ri JPN VII


SU-100 USSR VI Hellcat USA VI



Each position will have a specific stat tracked to determine performance over the course of Blitzbowl 2016. The better a tank performs, the more points it'll earn for its team.

Point Criteria by Position

Quarterback - Tanks destroyed
Defense - Survivability
Running Back - Distance traveled
Wide Receiver - Total damage to enemy vehicles
Tight End - Total damage done with player's assistance (track + spotting damage)
Flex - Total medals earned
Kicker - Accuracy (hit rate, not penetration rate)

How Are Scores Calculated?

Winning vehicles are decided by the percentage out of the total value earned by both vehicles. The winning vehicle receives points according to percentage over 50%, while the losing vehicle will get half of the difference between their final value and 50%, rounded down. Exact ties will result in 0 points for both teams, while ties scoring 50% that aren't exactly tied (i.e. 50.XX%) will result in the winning team receiving 1 point and the losing team receiving 0 points.

Example: If the winning team earns 55% of the total score and the losing team earns 45% of the total, the winning team will receive 5 points (55% - 50% = 5%) and the losing team receives 2 points (50% - 45% = 5% /2 = 2.5%).


  • You must play 50 battles in the vehicle you wish to qualify in.
  • You will only be eligible to win once.

Please visit the official Blitzbowl 2016 forum thread for further rules and information.