A New, Improved Goldville Map

Goldville prior to Update 2.9

Goldville after Update 2.9

Goldville is a classic map that's been around for a long time, but that doesn't mean it couldn't use a few improvements. We've looked at player behavior and battle data and made some adjustments in the name of fluidity and balance.

  • We've adjusted the areas around the spawn points so that tank destroyers will be less effective if they stay where they spawn in
  • Additional routes and decreased elevation around the rock arches should make the map more accessible to medium tanks
  • There'll be more cover and incentive to use the town, but the central area wll remain strategically important
  • With improved areas elsewhere, combatants will spread out through the map rather than congregate at the rock arches

You'll be able to check out the improved Goldville yourself once Update 2.9 is released!