IS-3 Defender Tips & Video

The weekend is here and it's the perfect time to get in some battles and knock out a few stages towards unlocking the IS-3 Defender. It won't be easy, but we've got tips and videos to assist and inspire you on your way to earning the first Soviet auto-loader in Blitz!

IS-3 Defender Tips

  • Personal Missions are a great way to earn extra Tokens, but they'll only count if you have an IS-3 mission currently active
  • Playing high tier vehicles will earn you more XP, which translates into more Tokens (high tier vehicles can also potentialy trigger more rewarding Personal Missions, and thus more bonus Tokens)
  • Premium time earns you 50% extra XP, which counts toward earning Tokens
  • Platooning with a friend increases your chance of winning, potentially earning you more XP and more Tokens

Take note of the Tokens displayed alongside Credit rewards for Personal Missions