KV-5 Debut Trailer

The KV-5 is a force to be reckoned with. A heavy tank at tier VIII, it's one of the hardest hitters out there, and boy oh boy, when you pen the enemy's hull, you can bet he'll feel it. This monster fears little on the battlefield, and rightfully so. With thick armor and a potent gun, you'll cackle with evil glee as you thwart foes handily.

A skilled player can take advantage of its firepower, excellent armor, and good acceleration; with a practiced commander, it will practically mint Credits, and does so while supporting higher-tiered play. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy the cries of frustration from the enemy team as they attempt to penetrate your adamantine turret and frontal armor!

Want to learn more about this behemoth? Check out the video above! The KV-5 can be yours today, available in this limited-time bundle.