Cromwell B Contest and Video!

Cromwell B Contest

Our Cromwell B contest is up and running. If you've got the Cromwell B in your Garage, you could win a T-34-85 Rudy and other great in-game rewards! Hop over to the forums for more details.

What Players Are Saying

"This tank is definitely worth it. Everything that was frustrating with the Cromwell, mainly just the gun elevation [and] gun depression, this tank fixes." - crazychimp69

"Worth every cent to me. My favorite tank maybe of all time."tjheff1066

"Awesome. Actually a great deal for once and it performs well in game."LE_gend_VI

"This is a tank with a 65 km/h speed limit and a very rapid-firing gun. It gets 13, yes 13, degrees of gun depression. That's insane." - Sm485261

The Cromwell B recently stormed into Blitz, sporting historical camo from the Battle of Berlin. The battle pitted Allied forces against remnants of the German army in ferocious street fighting. The Cromwell B is part of the "Berlin Quartet" along with the T-34-85 "Rudy," which should be familiar to Blitz players.

The other half of the Berlin Quartet, the IS-2 and ISU-122S, has yet to appear in Blitz, but with time running out on the Cromwell B, here's your chance to call a quarter of this famous quartet your own!