Medium Tank Balance Testing

Maintaining game balance is an ongoing process for Blitz and not one we take lightly. Balance decisions come after weighing player feedback and examining server data.

On that note, it's time to rebalance medium tanks, and testing them will begin soon as part of the Supertest.

The new stats listed below are only for testing and may be adjusted. Changes won't appear in the regular game client until we've thoroughly tested them.


Data from in-game stats and player experience shows that high-tier medium tanks are increasingly dominant as tiers increase thanks to their speed, gun performance, and armor.

The changes reduce shell penetration for the following tanks:

  • T-54 (Premium shells only)
  • Centurion 7/1 and FV402 (standard shells only)
  • Leopard PT A, Type 61, T-62A, Object 140, E 50M, M48A1, and STB-1 (Premium and standard shells)

Plus turret armor was reduced and redistributed for:

  • T-54
  • T-62A
  • Object 140

Any final adjustments made after testing and review will be published on the Blitz news portal.