Players Sound Off on Dracula and Helsing

Interested in the "Dracula" and "Helsing" vehicles from the Night Hunt event? Trying to decide if you should spend the Gold to unlock these spooky Premium tanks? Here's what a few of your fellow players think.

Dracula Thoughts

I decided to invest in the Dracula and take a chance, [assuming] that it was at least as good as the T-34-85 and it would give me SOME variety... I was NOT disappointed. I just earned 30k Credits in a 1,660 damage game (top XP) and about half health at the end. That's without Premium time! - BobboEvans

The Dracula is now in my top five most enjoyable vehicles to drive. Super fast, great gun, good Credit coefficient and so much more make this a favorite of mine right from the start. - Dr_Kalashnikov

In my opinion, the Dracula is much better [than the Helsing], as it has better APCR penetration; the second shell of the autoloader on the Helsing usually misses about 50% of the time, which means you get a 10-second reload for 200 alpha, which is pathetic. IMHO, Dracula is better (plus it has the most insane mobility on any tank I've ever played... ever...). - FlammeumDraco333

Helsing Thoughts

No buff needed... that thing is OP as it is, when 40% players can hit 70-80% WR in it, double-shotting everything in their path.  - acrisis

Easily worth it. Great gun. It's got good mobility, but the turret is a bit slow. The frontal armor is very good. And it is extremely fun. - chrisliddle

I just finished the grind and got the Helsing, and personally, I enjoy it a lot. Armor is super troll with weird angles, the gun is quite accurate despite the second shot, it's decently fast, makes a lot of damage for such a decent reload, but the penetration is average. It makes very good Credits. - Pittoors_

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