The Rise of Continents is Coming!

The first truly globe-spanning tournament in World of Tanks: Blitz is coming soon and we need you to do your part!

Rise of Continents is an international in-game event pitting all four server regions (Europe, CIS, Asia and North America) against each other in a competition of furious mobile tank combat! The month-long event will be divided into four week-long stages, and will challenge you to fulfill a variety of in-game objectives! These objectives range from “most tanks destroyed” to “most victories,” and completing them earns your region points!

You’ll be fighting to not only make sure your region comes out on top at the end of each stage, but since the points will be reset with every new stage, but you’ll also be fighting to make sure your region is the overall winner!

To reward your participation we’ll giving out lots of prizes—both in-game and physical! Along with in-game Gold and Premium time, our partner Sennheiser will be giving away 240 headsets!

48 x Game ONE white premium headsets Rewarded to the top performers of the event across the individual goals
192 x CX 2.00i and CX 2.00G white and black earphones Rewarded to the weekly goals winners

Rise of Continents Begins September 28

Curious about how your server's performance will be evaluated? Points will be awarded according to the following criteria:

  1. Number of Battles Played 
  2. Number of German Tanks Destroyed
  3. Number of USA Tanks Destroyed
  4. Number of Soviet Tanks Destroyed
  5. Number of British Tanks Destroyed
  6. Number of Platoons Created
  7. Number of Epic Medals Acquired
  8. Number of Missions Completed
  9. Amount of XP Earned
  10. Amount of Credits Spent
  11. Number of Tier VIII Tanks Played
  12. Max Number of Users Simultaneously Connected

Keep your eyes on the World of Tanks: Blitz portal and the Rise of Continents official website for more information!