T23E3 Nomad: Unclassified

The T23E3 Nomad is an extraordinary tank for plenty of reasons –battlefield performance and a unique skin, just to name a couple—but it’s rare for us to delve so deeply into the origins of our unique tanks. Check back daily for the secret history of the otherworldly T23E3 Nomad!

T23E3 Nomad Unclassified, Part 1

In the early stages of the war, an unknown aircraft appeared in the skies above Los Angeles.
Downed by heavy anti-aircraft fire and officially dismissed as a “weather balloon,” soldiers and scientists
rushed to uncover the secrets of the mysterious ship.

T23E3 Nomad Unclassified, Part 2

Working around the clock, America’s leading scientists tore into the ship unsure of its origins. Was it an advanced German plane or something extraterrestrial? Orders soon came from the highest echelons of government: uncover anything that might give our boys an edge in the war against Germany and Japan.

T23E3 Nomad Unclassified, Part 3

Less than a year after a mysterious aircraft was shot down over Los Angeles, research efforts had produced “Blitzium steel.” The tensile strength of this new material soon found itself extensively used in the construction of a new prototype tank, the formidable T23E3 Nomad.

T23E3 Nomad Unclassified, Part 4

Soon after the invasion of Normandy, the first T23E3 Nomads were rushed across the Atlantic to help the liberation of Europe. Unfortunately, the Luftwaffe was waiting and attacked the transport convoy as it made landing. Most tanks were left on the ocean floor, but a handful survived…

T23E3 Nomad Unclassified, Part 5

The few remaining T23E3 Nomads soon joined with Allied forces and took part in numerous battles as battle lines pushed towards Berlin, earning accolades from friend and foe alike. Now this legendary tank can be yours—the T23E3 Nomad is in the Premium Shop for a limited time!