Update 1.6 Has Arrived


Update 1.6 is here! Update your game now and encounter an entire new line of British heavy tanks! The Matilda, the Conqueror and a whole collection of fearsome UK power-hitters blasts into the fray. Plus, a brand-new map, Castilla, offers a new arena soon to be home to your latest tank triumphs. Get Update 1.6 now!

Premium Bonus

We want to give you an extra boost as you enjoy playing the new content -- 2 free days of Premium account time!

If you haven't tried playing with Premium, or use it sparingly, here's a great chance to play with increased XP and Credit earnings while you battle! And those currently playing with Premium will get these bonus days at no charge.

Premium Bonus Conditions

  • To receive the bonus, you must be a registered World of Tanks Blitz player before Saturday, January 24, 09:00 PST (12:00 EST) -- that's when we give everyone the bonus
  • This bonus Premium time will only be active for 48 hours beginning January 24 at 09:00 PST