Update 2.10: Rockfield Map Improvements

For Update 2.10, we've revisited the map Rockfield to make some minor adjustments in the name of game balance and flow. Here's a few of the improvements you'll see once Update 2.10 drops:

Rockfield Before & After

  • We've expanded the play area by reducing the size of the mountain near the flag. There's now more room to maneuever.
  • Bushes have been added to increase cover and allow tier VIII and above vehicles to better utilize their Coated Optic and Binocular Telescope items.
  • Positions for tank destroyers have been created to alloq them more involvement in battle.
  • A rocky plateu has been placed in the middle of the map, providing some cover that allows teams to make raids behind enemy lines.
  • The area around the hangar door has received cosmetic and balance improvements and should now be more suitable for heavy tanks, particularly in allowing them to support medium tanks nearby.
  • Across the entire map our artists have given Rockfield a bit of an overhaul, including adding predawn "haze," vegetation and distinctive colors for different areas of the map.

Screenshots and Video