Improved Middleburg in Update 2.6

The classic "Middleburg" map recently underwent some changes in the name of improving balance and gameplay. You'll be able to dive into the new and improved Middleburg once Update 2.6 arrives, but for now, here's a quick look at a few of the things that have been upgraded:

  • The area around the capture point has been reworked to be not as well-protected. This will hopefully encourage players to engage the other team rather than opting for the "safe" option of capturing the base to win
  • Spawn points have been rebalanced, as we discovered one spawn was decidedly more advantageous than the other
  • The hills have been reworked and are no longer as high as they were. This was done to rebalance positions favored by tank destroyers and provide usable positions for both teams
  • We've also improved visual elements, increased detail on buildings and englarged bushes for better cover
Original Middleburg Updated Middleburg