Got Questions About Winter Fair?

Our Blitz Winter Fair is a massive event, but its size and scope invariably means it's bound to cause some confusion. We don't want to leave you out in the cold, so our customer support team has prepared a short guide (with GIFs!) to guide you through some of the most asked-about parts of the event.

Click here for the Winter Fair mini-guide

Warning: The guide has many large GIFs. If you're on a cellular connection, you may want to wait and load it on a direct internet connection.

Questions answered in the guide includes:

  • How can I view the amount of Cases and Banners I currently have?
  • Where can I find the Fair website?
  • How do I earn Banners and Cases?
  • How do I complete a stage?
  • Are there any other ways to earn Tickets?
  • What happens to any Tickets I have after the event is over?