Map Overview: Winter Malinovka


A new front arrives to Blitz with Update 1.5: Winter Malinovka. Bring the fight to the enemy and blast the opposition as you battle against this deceptively serene, snow-covered backdrop.

Winter Malinovka

Featuring a desolate village slumbering beneath a powdery coating of fresh snow, Winter Malinovka offers varied fighting terrain. Tangle with foes amidst the cover of abandoned houses or faceoff against them in the open field. How will you capitalize on Winter Malinovka's opportunities for glorious victory? The choice is yours.

Identify Winter Malinovka's hot zones and take advantage of good shooting positions. Don't be distracted by the tranquility that the cold weather provides. Beware: The enemy will be looking for you from any vantage point that can be found!

Want a closer look at Winter Malinovka? Check out the gallery below!

Winter Malinovka arrives with Update 1.5, coming very soon to Blitz. Keep an eye out for more exciting news about this upcoming update!

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