IS-3 Defender: Worth The Grind (Or the Gold?)

There's no escaping the fact that the IS-3 Defender requires a lot of XP to earn it. Sure, you could also buy it outright with Gold (or do both), but you're probably asking yourself if it's worth it. With only a few days left to unlock this tier VIII auto-loading Soviet heavy tank, that's a valid question.

Well, don't take our word for it. Here's what your fellow Blitz players are saying.

"All around, a good tank... The highest [tier] auto-loader in the game."

- Bobthebob5

"With Vertical Stabilizers and Gun Laying Drive, this thing is freakishly accurate."

- Alexbuildit

"The best part about this tank, I think, aside from the fantastic color scheme, obviously, is that the turret armor has been improved to the point where it can actually be quite effective hull-down."

- Bushka on Blitz

"Everything I love about the IS-3 (armor and mobility), mixed with a 1200 alpha auto-loader, extra gun depression and the ability to grind Credits like a T-34 or IS-6 is astounding. The camo is super ugly, but hey, it's OP!"

- panzermk6

"Earns Credits well. Two 2.4k and 2.7k [damage] games earned 74k+ [Credits] net, one 500ish [damage] loss was 15k [Credits] net, a 1,300 [damage] game earned 35k [Credits] but lots of repairs."


"I earned 128k [Credits] in one game with mine. Loving it."


"I love my Defender. It is my favorite tank now. You have to learn to play it but it dishes out some serious damage."


"The IS-3 Defender makes good Credits even when you lose, it can make a few million Credits in about an hour or two if you put a good 3-4 rounds into the enemy..."


The IS-3 Defender is available to earn with Tokens or unlock with Gold now through March 7!