World of Tanks Blitz: Artillery

Artillery is something that our community has been asking for, and we're pleased to say that we've got our first official announcement: Take cover; World of Tanks: Artillery incoming!

World of Tanks: Artillery is the upcoming companion app that adds to the intense action already found in World of Tanks: Blitz. Our development team has been working non-stop to get this app ready for deployment.

Just like real life, calling in an artillery strike is a collaborative effort. You and your friends equipped with Apple Watches will be able to send support to each other's battlefields. Details on the four-step process below!

Strike Award

An artillery strike is a truly devastating attack. We wanted to make sure that the implementation of this new mechanic didn't suddenly undo Blitz's balance, so only one player on each team is awarded a strike. In order to be awarded a strike, a player must spot two or more enemy vehicles and have synced their World of Tanks: Blitz account with a World of Tanks: Artillery account.

Once all enemy vehicles have been spotted, a player is randomly selected from the pool of potential candidates. That player will then be able to set the target area using their Apple Watch.

Requesting a Strike

Once a player is awarded a strike, and after they set the target area, they must then make a successful request from their fellow Blitz player equipped with an Apple Watch.

The friend receiving the request need not be involved in the battle. They simply need to respond in time. Think of it more like sending a radio communique to the artillery battery waiting well behind the front lines.

Confirming a Strike

Once you've acknowledged the strike request, you'll then receive a second prompt to deploy the requested strike. A red/green yes/no interface is sure to keep things simple. As soon as you hit the green checkmark, it only takes a moment for the barrage to begin. 

Every time you confirm a strike,  you'll accrue account medals for successful artillery missions. Collect enough medals within World of Tanks: Artillery and you'll receive a special Bombardier insignia within World of Tanks: Blitz!

Strike Status

The requesting party, on the battlefield, will be rewarded with epic explosions (hopefully only upon enemy vehicles). It's entirely possible to wipe out the entire enemy team if the strike zone and timing are perfect!

Even if you aren't a part of the battle at hand, the status of a successful strike will display on your Apple Watch in real time, including a count of total targets in the strike zone, total targets hit, and total targets destroyed.

We're confident that World of Tanks: Artillery is going to be another smash hit for mobile platforms. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on this amazing new app.


Thanks for laughing along with us this April 1st!