Update 3.3 is Here

The next update is right around the corner, and we've got all the details! 

Update 3.3 is Live

New Content

"Valiant Effort" Rewards

Tournament and Training Room Improvements

Updated "Mines" Map

Server Downtime

November 1, 12:30 PT (15:30 ET) - 16:30 PT (19:30 ET)

[times are approximate]

Premium Bonus

  • To receive the two days of Premium time, you must enter the game and play at least one (1) battle, between November 5 9:00 PT (12:00 ET) and November 6 8:00 PT (11:00 ET). Regardless of the battle's result, you receive the bonus immediately after the battle.
  • A notification for the two (2) days of Premium will appear in the News section under "Notifications.”
  • This bonus Premium time will only be active for 48 hours after the battle.

Full Release Notes

New Content

  • Added "Valiant Effort" achievements
  • Added two new Battle Hero achievements: "Sniper Tanker" and "High Caliber."
  • Added the first player-created camouflage to the game, "Verdun Forest." It is available as a reward for completing certain missions or for purchase with Gold.



  • Increased top speed from 18 to 20km/h.
  • Increased reverse speed from 7 to 1 km/h.
  • Decreased traverse speed for T28VVSS T46 suspension from 18 to 15deg/s.
  • Decreased traverse speed for T28VVSS T56 suspension from 20 to 17deg/s.
  • Changed crossing capacity for T28VVSS T56 suspension from 2.3 to 2.1.
  • Increased engine power for the Ford GAFM2A1 from 510 to 650hp.

T-28 Prototype

  • Increased top speed from 18 to 20km/h.
  • Increased reverse speed from 7 to 10km/h.
  • Decreased traverse speed for T28P E2 suspension from 18 to 15deg/s.
  • Decreased traverse speed for T28P E4 suspension from 20 to 17deg/s.
  • Changed crossing capacity for T28P E4 suspension from 2.3 to 2.1.
  • Increased engine power for the Ford GAFM2A1 from 510 to 650hp.


  • Increased reverse speed from 6 to 10km/h.
  • Decreased traverse speed for T95HVSS suspension from 16 to 12deg/s.
  • Decreased traverse speed for T95HVSSM2 suspension from 18 to 1 deg/s.
  • Increased engine power for the Ford GAFM2A1 from 510 to 650hp.


  • Improved Mines for better gameplay and balance. The center of the map was reshaped, spawn points improved, and the town and lighthouse locations were overhauled. Full details
  • Replaced Halloween version of Rockfield with the normal Rockfield.
  • Improved visual effects on Falls Creek.
  • Improved ice textures on Winter Malinovka.
  • Removed some features and bugs on Canal or better balance: removing an unintentional passage between the house and a hill, accidental collisions from destroyed objects, and hanging objects.


  • Added tournament chart for Round-Robin and Single Elimination systems that display current and previous tournaments.
  • Added Supremacy mode support.
  • Added support for new Tournament Management System registration status. The correct tournament status shows during and after tournament registration when matches aren't running.
  • Added button for team participation and creation and an error message in the event that the button is not available.
  • Fixed team alignment on match screen, the team currently being browsed by the player is now displayed on the left.
  • Fixed issue with the "Participate" button still being displayed after a tournament was cancelled.
  • Fixed issue with the "Profile" and "Delete" buttons still being active after a player was removed from a team.
  • Improved display of information on the team match screen.
  • Improved the tournament procedure for when the participant limit was reached but the registration period didn't end.
  • Added group column to the tournament header alongside tour and stage columns.
  • Improved collision physics for spectators in free camera mode.
  • Fixed the display of team colors in Spectator mode.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Reworked the process of purchasing provisions, consumables and equipment. Now, when exchanging one item for another, the price difference is considered. Players can now replace equipment without having to sell it.

If equipment is the same price, the equipment is replaced for free.
If mounted equipment price is higher than the new equipment, 50% of the price difference is returned to the player.
If mounted equipment price is lower than the new equipment, the price difference is charged to the player.

  • Added feature with the battle ending via timeout in training rooms, in the event a player from one team leaves the training room and another player is a spectator.
  • Optimized the display of message lists and history in game chat.
  • Changed the engine sound of the T-54 Lightweight.
  • Changed default flora display setting to "low quality" for the following devices: 

iPad Mini 4 WiFi
iPad Mini 4 Cellular
iPad 6 WiFi
iPad 6 Cellular
iPad Pro WiFi
iPad Pro Cellular
iPad Pro 9.7 WiFi
iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular
iPhone SE
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus


  • Fixed "Great Battle!" overlay obscuring battle results.
  • Changed reticle color to red when there are no shells.
  • Fixed animation bug with missions overlapping in battle results.
  • Fixed bug with a shell going outside of the reticle at maximum vertical elevation angles.
  • Fixed bug in Supremacy mode where a battle lasts too long and a team that was losing (by vehicles lost) still managed to win by flag captures.
  • Fixed bug that caused battles in training rooms to influence battle mission distribution.
  • Fixed bug in Supremacy mode where both teams earned 1,000 points but one was declared the winner. These results can now be considered a draw.
  • Fixed bug when the creator of a training room was a member of team B, but the battle couldn't start with only one player.
  • Fixed bug when a Platoon mission was scored to a player that wasn't in a Platoon but had received an invitation to join one.
  • Fixed bug when the app didn't respond to any taps on the "Tap to Play" screen.
  • Fixed text color of "Tap any button" string on the "Tap to Play" screen.
  • Fixed in-game notification and description text.
  • Fixed general bugs and client crashes.